Essence of Acqua dell'Elba Welcome Sets

This set is a beautiful introduction to the fragrances that form the heart of our expression of the essences of our beautiful island home, Isola d'Elba.

Experience two fragrances for the home inspired by the sea that surrounds the island with a scented ceramic and small candle or diffuser.

The ceramic comes in our most popular home fragrance, Mare, and the candle or diffuser in the fragrance of Isola d'Elba for her and Isola di Montecristo for him.

Also included in this set are three fragrance sample vials featuring Classica Donna, Acqua and Smeraldo - our most popular fragrances for her. Included for him are our signature fragrance, Classica, as well as two more of our favorites for him: Sport and Altrove.

The vials come beautifully arranged in a hand-crafted box in our signature aquamarine color as is true with all of our gift boxes.