Arcipelago Donna

From any vantage point in the Tuscan islands, you see the florals and herbs that grow wild throughout our beautiful landscape and serve as the inspiration for one our original fragrance families.

Fragrance Profile

Arcipelago Donna

Arcipelago Donna is marriage of citrus and apricots which combine to create this floral feminine fragrance.

Top Notes: lemon, tangerine, apricot

Heart Notes: jasmine, helichrysum, acacia, orange

Base Notes: cedar wood, strawberries, moss

What Others Say About Arcipelago Donna


Wonderful product! Just love it!!!

Tatsiana S.

Great experience with the company and love, love, love the scent. The scent is light, fresh, clean, fruity and floral. It’s my new favorite.

Diane L.

My wife and I insist on choosing this perfume above all others because of its uniqueness and because of the memories it instills in us from our visit to this beautiful country.

Roy C.


Fragranced body care and shower amenities that bring your favorite fragrance to your shower or bath.


Our gift sets come beautifully packaged in a hand-crafted box in our signature aquamarine to create a presentation that will be sure to please.

Discovery Box: Fragrance Originals for Her
Discovery Box: Fragrance Originals for Her
Discovery Box: Fragrance Originals for Her
Discovery Box: Fragrance Originals for Her

Discovery Box: Fragrance Originals for Her

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Three fragrance vials packaged in a handcrafted box with our signature aquamarine color. These fragrances - Classica Donna, Arcipelago Donna and Blu Donna are our original fragrances for her.


Great question! The easy answer is that EdP contains a higher concentration of perfume oils in the fragrance's water and alcohol base (10-20%, usually around 15%) than an EdT (5-10%). 

For a wearer, that generally means you can expect an Eau de Parfum to be more noticeable for a longer period of time after application. While an EdT wearer may expect two or three hours of fragrance, the wearer of an EdP may expect the fragrance to last four or five hours.

However, the duration of a fragrance of any kind depends on a number of factors unique to the wearer, including how the oil from the perfume mixes with the natural oils of your skin and where the fragrance is applied on the body.

So if you like to wear your fragrance in order for it to be noticed by others or don't want to reapply during the day to keep the fragrance fresh, then an EdP is probably the way to go.