Our Collection for Him

The Perfumieres of Acqua dell'Elba have grown up and lived on Elba all of their lives. They use their traditional craftsmanship and intimate knowledge of local ingredients to create classic fragrances.

A collection of Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilettes hand-bottled by artisans at our workshop in Marciana Marina.

Bath & Body Care

Fragranced body care and shower amenities that bring your favorite fragrance to your shower or bath.

Bath Soaps & Gel

Your favorite fragrance available in a bar soap or shower gel.

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Travel Size Amenities

Take your favorite fragrance on the road with a 15ml Eau de Parfum or travel size toiletries.

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Gift Sets

Our gift sets come beautifully packaged in a hand-crafted box in our signature aquamarine to create a presentation that will be sure to please.

Preziosa Fragrance Collection for Him

Preziosa Fragrance Collection for Him

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The Preziosa Collection is a journey through all of the fragrances of Acqua dell'Elba.

Elegant, adventurous, profound or sporty; whichever your taste, with these beautiful, convenient 15ml bottles, the essence of the sea is always with you.

They are packaged in hand-made gift boxes in our signature aquamarine and each includes five distinct fragrances.

For Him (all 15ml travel size Eau de Parfum):

Classica, Blu, Arcipelago, Sport, Altrove 

Bath Towels & Robes

Fine cotton and Italian quality come together to create a collection of towels and robes suitable for the finest hotels and spas.