Home Fragrance Inspired by Wildflowers

Flowers are abundant throughout the island of Elba and this family of home fragrance takes you through every field of wildflowers and the jasmine, violet, honeysuckle and myrtle that grows everywhere on the island.


An endless field of wildflowers perfume the air, while the gentle breeze reminds you that the salty sea is never far away. Fiori captures the floral harmony of broom, myrtle, and jasmine that line the hills of this coastal countryside.

Gilglio delle Sabbie

Giglio is the Italian word for 'lily' - a
flower that grows wild next to the
sand here. Giglio delle Sabbie
captures the scent of a summer
evening on the beach filled with
notes of sand daffodil, freesia,
gardenia and lily-of-the-valley.

Profumi del Monte Capanne

Monte Capanne is the highest mountain on the island of Elba and its hilly landscape is filled cornflower, honeysuckle, violets and orchids. These floral scents combine with chestnut and yew to create a fragrance that is as unusual as the mountain itself.

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Discovery Box: 'Floral' Home Fragrances

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Three home fragrance sample vials packaged in a handcrafted box with our signature aquamarine color. These fragrances - Fiori, Giglio delle Sabbie and Profumi del Monte Capanne - are inspired by the wildflowers that grow throughout the varied terrains found on Isola d'Elba.