Fragrances for Her

We craft our fresh, balanced perfumes and home fragrances from the highest quality natural botanicals and very select ingredients in their laboratory on Isola d'Elba.

The fragrances pay tribute to the island's wild flowers, herbs and citrus, the beauty and the scent of the sea and the breezes that carry these essences around the island. They are authentic, free from the superfluous, made just for those who love simplicity, transparency, and beauty.


Classica Donna is flowery fragrance designed for her and our Classica Uomo is a fresh, marine fragrance suitable for her as well.

Perfumes inspired by an island where the scent of the flowers and the sea arouse our senses of awareness of self and time. However, always an island, different and elsewhere.

Blu Donna

A flowery and woody fragrance for her.

This has the elegance, the intensity and the immensity of the sea captured in a fresh, sensual harmony. It is the perfume of the deepest intimacy, of self perception, of the soul, of harmony and refinement.

Arcipelago Donna

A fresh and flowery fragrance for her.

The notes of the Arcipelago fragrance reflect the natural atmosphere and the poetry of the unique landscapes of the seven beautiful islands surrounded by a green marine sea.

Smeraldo & Acqua: From the Essenza di un'Isola Collection

The Essenza di un'Isola Collection tells the story of the sea, a journey that includes memories that commemorate the essences of three islands in the Tuscan Archipelago. Consisting of three sophisticated fragrances - Smeraldo for her, Altrove for him and Acqua for both him and her.


Inspired by Pianosa with its scents, its warmth and its colours.


Inspired by Elba with its secrets, its transparency and its lightness.

Essenza: The New Fragrance from Acqua dell'Elba

The newest addition to our line of fragrances, Essenza celebrates the true spirit of who you are, and who you aspire to become.

Reminiscent of the warm breeze and fresh cleansing qualities of the sea, Essenza revitalizes the soul and allows you to rediscover what exhilarates you.

Essenza Donna Eau de Parfum
Essenza Donna Eau de Parfum

Essenza Donna Eau de Parfum

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There are new notes in the air. Just like the notes of a musical symphony inspired by the sea, they arise from the heart to caress the waves, soaring over the horizon to reach our souls. They point us towards new horizons and new possibilities. 

Intense and sensual for her, with head notes of bergamot, orange, sea lily and Scotch broom; core notes of jasmine, magnolia, orange tree flowers, lily of the valley, roses, tuberose and pepper; and background notes of white moss, cedarwood, hints of amber and woods and resins of the Mediterranean Maquis.

A sensual feminine fragrance created with notes of:

  • Bergamot, Orange, Sea Lily and Scotch Broom
  • Jasmine, Magnolia, Orange flowers, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Tuberose and Pepper
  • White Moss, Cedarwood, hints of Amber and woods and resins of the Mediterranean Maquis

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