Home Fragrances Inspired by Spice

The richest, and most mysterious fragrance family of all, this spicy group of home fragrances skilfully combines powerful notes of tobacco and leather, with the comforting scents of cinnamon, clove and juniper.

Note di Natale

Note di Natale tenderly captures the magical memories of the Christmases of our dreams. The rich notes of orange, jasmine, cinnamon, and walnut reminds us that every day should be a celebration of joy, love and living.

Isola di Montecristo

Mystery. Magic. Seduction. This fragrance embodies the setting of the Alexander Dumas novel, The Count of the Monte Cristo. Its woody fragrance lures you with unique notes as soft as juniper and rose and as intense as leather and tobacco.

Costa del Sole

Literally translated to the “sun coast,” Costa del Sole seems constantly kissed by the sun. Its hillside trails and gentle slopes are lined with prickly pears and lentiscus and through their branches, you have a constant glimpse of both the sun and the sea.

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Discovery Box: 'Spice' Home Fragrances

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Three home fragrance sample vials packaged in a handcrafted box with our signature aquamarine color. These fragrances - Note di Natale, Isola di Montecristo and Costa del Sole - are inspired by the spices, herbs and woody plants that fill the landscapes of the Tuscan Arcipelago.