Scented Candles

Scented Candles

The pathways to the sea are lined with Mediterranean shrubs. Sails are filled with the gentle breeze. Secret gardens are hidden away behind the village square.

The coloured luxuriant coastline glistens. The waves of the sea splash onto the rocks. A scented flower appears through the sand.

Enjoy nine of the home fragrances from Acqua dell'Elba in a beautiful glass candle Made in Italy. 

Average burn times for our scented candles:

  • 32 hours for 180g candles
  • 68 hours for 425g candles
  • 90 hours for 1260g candles

Our 425g Note di Natale candle averages 60 hours of burn time - the thicker, cedar wick accelerates combustion.

The 1,260g Note di Natale candles average 100 hours of burn time.