15 ml "Preziosa" Gift Box: A Journey Into the Complexity of a Woman

15 ml "Preziosa" Gift Box: A Journey Into the Complexity of a Woman

A woman is a heaving sea unleashing its force over everything she loves, though she is also a calm mirror upon which you may reflect to find yourself again to find yourself again. Her gaze is a horizon of possibilities, a window on that interior world we carry inside ourselves since our birth, when our eyes were those of our mother, her hands were shores for our thoughts, capable of welcoming and cherishing life. A woman is a person, though she also encapsulates every person in the world, because she is their creator, their muse, and it is this complexity of hers which makes her so precious. 

To celebrate her in her thousand nuances, Acqua dell’Elba has created a sensory journey through all of its fragrances, from the most plain to the most intriguing: Acqua dell’Elba Preziosa is a box capable of guiding the mind and the senses towards the discovery of a woman beyond definitions, because she may be elegant yet adventurous, profound yet sporty, a rough sea becoming calm, a sandy beach fading into a rocky cliff, and every change is part of the whole, as infinite and harmonic as the whole of the female universe. 

The 15 ml “Preziosa” gift box includes a sweeter side embodied in the floral fragrances of the Classica Donna Eau de Parfum and the sensual ones of the Arcipelago Donna Eau de Parfum, as well as a more intense side, represented by the woody notes of the Blu Donna Eau de Parfum. The gardenia and magnolia of the Smeraldo Donna Eau de Parfum exalt femininity, while the Acqua Eau de Parfum for Him and for Her with citrus fruits and hints of sea salt highlights complementarity. 

A trip which is above all an interior journey, intended to describe with perfume what words were never able to do: the essence of a woman.

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