Essenza Donna

The newest addition to our family of fragrances. Reminiscent of the warm breeze and fresh, cleansing qualities of the sea, Essenza revitalizes the soul and allows you to rediscover what exhilarates you.

Essenza Donna Eau de Parfum
Essenza Donna Eau de Parfum

Essenza Donna Eau de Parfum

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There are new notes in the air. Just like the notes of a musical symphony inspired by the sea, they arise from the heart to caress the waves, soaring over the horizon to reach our souls. They point us towards new horizons and new possibilities. 

Intense and sensual for her, with head notes of bergamot, orange, sea lily and Scotch broom; core notes of jasmine, magnolia, orange tree flowers, lily of the valley, roses, tuberose and pepper; and background notes of white moss, cedarwood, hints of amber and woods and resins of the Mediterranean Maquis.

A sensual feminine fragrance created with notes of:

  • Bergamot, Orange, Sea Lily and Scotch Broom
  • Jasmine, Magnolia, Orange flowers, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Tuberose and Pepper
  • White Moss, Cedarwood, hints of Amber and woods and resins of the Mediterranean Maquis
Fragrance Profile

Essenza Donna

A symphony of florals and citrus envelope you while the fresh scents of cedarwood and Mediterranean maquis ground you.

Top Notes: bergamot, orange, sea lily, scotch broom, tangerine

Heart Notes: jasmine, magnolia, orange flowers, lily of the valley, rose, tuberose

Base Notes: white moss, cedarwood, amber, Mediterranean maquis


Great question! The easy answer is that EdP contains a higher concentration of perfume oils in the fragrance's water and alcohol base (10-20%, usually around 15%) than an EdT (5-10%). 

For a wearer, that generally means you can expect an Eau de Parfum to be more noticeable for a longer period of time after application. While an EdT wearer may expect two or three hours of fragrance, the wearer of an EdP may expect the fragrance to last four or five hours.

However, the duration of a fragrance of any kind depends on a number of factors unique to the wearer, including how the oil from the perfume mixes with the natural oils of your skin and where the fragrance is applied on the body.

So if you like to wear your fragrance in order for it to be noticed by others or don't want to reapply during the day to keep the fragrance fresh, then an EdP is probably the way to go.