Acqua dell’Elba: Story by Story, Person by Person

Acqua dell’Elba: Story by Story, Person by Person

Life, just like the sea, is an adventure which can be experienced in two ways: by admiring it from afar, or by navigating in its midst.

One May morning twenty-two years ago, our vessel sailed from the small harbour in Marciana Marina sustained by a dream: that of encapsulating in one fragrance all of the beauty of the “Mare Nostrum” and we were thus inspired by the sea breeze and the thousand-colour expanse that surrounds Isola d’Elba.

An inestimable and indecipherable treasure: the idea of grasping its essence and locking it into a bottle was what truly convinced us to set sail. Between arrivals and departures, throughout the years, we have narrated the mystery, elegance, light and magic of our sea and its beaches.

Helichrysum, jasmine, sea lily, strawberry tree, myrtle, and woods of the Mediterranean Maquis: fragrance by fragrance, we selected and interpreted every secret of the island and of the sea without ever betraying its nature.

Now, the time has come for a new beginning. Because every Acqua dell’Elba perfume belongs to a story, and every story belongs to a person.

* There is a woman who loves to distinguish herself, detach herself, find herself, and the sea, her accomplice, accompanies her along her journey to regain Essence. The things that count, for her, carry the scent of bergamot, orange, sea lily and Scotch broom. A fragrance with a great personality: just one drop is enough to leave a trace, like our Eau de Parfum Essenza Donna.

* There is a father who is a role model, always seeking balance between work and family life, between the Arcipelago and his footprints. His route is never the same, never monotonous, and the love he carries inside is a certainty. Just like the aromatic notes of the Eau de Parfum Arcipelago Uomo, in which sage, pepper and rosemary reveal a noble soul, always balanced between nature and poetry. 

* There is a young woman attempting to decipher the colour Blu, because she feels as boundless as the sky and the depths of the sea: the fig, helichrysum, and tangerine of the Eau de Parfum Blu Donna describe her elegance and intensity, her profound sensuality, her desire to be free. 

* More reserved, the woman of the Eau de Parfum Smeraldo loves to write, take pictures, go for walks alone on the beach enjoying the first light of day. In this intimacy with herself, she finds her world enclosed as a precious gem within the notes of gardenia, magnolia, and rock rose. A jewel of the sea. 

* A man who loves beauty and quality is the man for Classica Uomo. A timeless perfume with notes of lemon, marine algae, and moss, belying his own sobriety and strength. 

* The Eau de Parfum Arcipelago Donna, with fruity notes of lemon, tangerine, and apricot, reflects the personality of a woman who is steadfast, pragmatic, always ready for a loving embrace. Her children are the islands, joined to her by a bond as sweet as jasmine and orange blooms. 

* The story of a love experienced deeply as well as privately, just like an isolated beach cove: this is the couple behind the Eau de Parfum Acqua, people fleeing chaos and homologation, lovers of transparency and sincerity. Among citrus fruits and hints of sea salt, their lives carry on between authentic emotions and an intimacy that is simple yet sophisticated at the same time. 

* Social yet solitary at the same time, the man behind the Eau de Parfum Blu Uomo loves freedom, yet is even disposed to trade some of it for solitude, if necessary. The Blu of the deepest sea is the same colour as his thoughts, as strong and determined as oak moss, cedarwood and lentiscus. His vessel is his home, naval maps are his mysterious yet fascinating world. 

* On the other hand, the soul of the Eau de Parfum Essenza Uomo is more extrovert and social: notes of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit bely a concrete man that is so sure of himself, he puts himself on the line. For him, it is always a good time to set sail towards new horizons. 

* Then there is a woman who loves elegance, refinement, and a discrete social life: her days are precious yet modest-looking flowers, blooming among music, literary encounters, and walks in the open air. In the Eau de Parfum Classica Donna, the grace of marine rock rose and jasmine marry the zest of oranges and myrtle, so as to always be able to enjoy all the good and the beautiful life has to offer. 

* The Eau de Parfum Sport tells us of a dynamic person who loves challenges and time spent outside. Notes of lily of the valley, geranium and sea lily reawaken this person’s sincere emotions and their dreams of liberty. Few words, and boundless energy arising from the encounter of lemon, pepper and bergamot.

* The man behind the Eau de Parfum Altrove likes to fly solo, the only partner he needs are his emotions, intense and essential. His heart carries the fragrance of marine trees, juniper and cypress, and each one of its beats reveals a need for love and seduction. Roses and hints of tanned leather and tobacco accompany him along the incredible journey that is his life: mysterious, fascinating, and best expressed intimately.

* Our voyage finally embraces children too, the hope of our world. The Eau de Toilette Bimbi, with delicate notes of flowers and fruits, will surprise you with the tenderness only blooming life can bring. The future smells of oranges and tangerines, of marine rock rose and helichrysum.

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