Acqua dell'Elba: The Fragrance of a Love Dream

Acqua dell'Elba: The Fragrance of a Love Dream

Acqua dell’Elba’s Wedding Line celebrates the most ancient ritual – a wedding – and its intense and inscrutable oath of love with dedicated products and accessories, crafted with simplicity and refinement to accompany the most traditional of ceremonies as well as the most intimate.

Our “Cadeaux de Mariage” are customisable wedding gifts which speak to the hearts of guests, witnesses and bridesmaids using the silent language of the sea and of its Mediterranean fragrances, always powerful and full of shared memories.

Each gift may be customised with names, initials, wedding date or even just a sentence full of love. Olfactive memories bound to last beyond time, just as a promise does, alongside Acqua dell’Elba Home fragrance diffusers and candles, perfectly placed to embellish the ceremony’s location, filling everybody’s mood with freshness and serenity.

Scented Chalks and Ceramics, the small 15 ml Room Spray and 15 ml Eau de Parfum, the 200 ml Home fragrance diffuser, the MIA box and all of our personal fragrances: these are the Acqua dell’Elba creations we propose as Cadeaux de Mariage. Additionally, for the witnesses, a special memento: elegant gift boxes filled with Acqua dell’Elba products, to be carefully selected according to each of their tastes.

Thoughts of love, flowers, citrus fruits, and spices. Gifts capable of forming bonds between the newly married couple and their guests, made of details which resist in memories, just as a perfume does.

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