Acqua: For Him and For Her, The Complicity That Pays Off For Everything

Acqua: For Him and For Her, The Complicity That Pays Off For Everything

Sitting on the deckchair on the beach waiting for the sunset, admiring the red orange of the sun that slowly thins and merges with the horizon, swallowed by the sea.

In one hand an iced lemon drink, in the other a bit of cold evening sand, letting the very fine grains flow between your fingers to be pampered by an ancient tickle. For them, life is all in those moments of relaxation, away from everything and everyone, secluded in an isolated cove, breathing in the scent of citrus fruits and salt, seaweed and sea wood.

They have been together for years, they love to travel and discover new destinations and they don't want to give up their dream of freedom. The bond that unites them is strong and begins from afar, it accompanies them as a certainty. Their scent is Acqua Eau de Parfum, with notes of citrus and hints of salt. The seaweed recalls the seas in which they swam, the wonderful destinations they choose for their holidays every year, and the myrtle and jasmine flowers tell of their complicity, the sensual embrace that unites them at the end of the day, always ready to plan departures towards pleasant and little known places: a distant island, a sea so transparent it seems to be made of crystal.

Both work with passion and competence. He is a digital entrepreneur, she takes care of communication for a well-known brand. They know today's world and know how to interpret its changes, the speed of the network and its mechanisms are not a trap, but an opportunity. Their strength and sobriety lies in the notes of cedar wood, and their sophistication, love for comfort and beautiful things, in those of aquatic moss. A linen shirt for him, a white dress for her, hair that smells of wind, skin golden from the sun, ready for a new journey.

Each itinerary is a tailor-made experience, a suit sewn on by a consultant who tries to best interpret their need for escape, their very private escape from chaos. A close-knit couple with an enigmatic charm, who find in the myrtle berries the sweetest and hermetic side of love, the one hidden among the sea shrubs at the end of the day, while the sun goes away and the beach is filled with sounds and aromas. Their favorite moment, the instant that pays off for everything. Transparent, vital, indispensable, like water. 

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