Altrove: Eau de Parfum For Men with a Mysterious Heart

Altrove: Eau de Parfum For Men with a Mysterious Heart

Some men are like islands, they need to feel detached and often appear 'altrove'  (or 'elsewhere').

These are men who live beyond appearances, in search for the essential, outside time and fashion, only finding themselves in between the place they just left and the one they are going to.

These are the men Altrove was conceived for, an Eau de Parfum of the Essenza di un'Isola line, inspired by the wild yet generous nature of the island of Montecristo: a remote place of 'elsewhere' par excellence. Splendid and mysterious, only open to a thousand visitors a year, the most solitary island of all Tuscan isles has always been enshrouded in mystery, so much so that it inspired the French writer Alexandre Dumas for his masterpiece “The Count of Montecristo”, a novel which begins precisely on the day Napoleon Bonaparte decides to leave Isola d’Elba.

“Altrove” by Acqua dell’Elba is a woody fragrance, strong and bold just as Edmond Dantès, the main character of this story: with its notes of juniper, cypress and iris, its essence calls out to nature, the nature of the Mediterranean, amongst resins and berries of the strawberry tree.

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