Arcipelago Uomo: Our Fathers, the Islands That Are Always There for Us

Arcipelago Uomo: Our Fathers, the Islands That Are Always There for Us

There is an entire world, between the arms of a father. Trees strong as his hands, ready to hold you and shake you with the wind. Waves as sparkling as his eyes, those perennial accomplices in always new adventures. Ground firm as his voice, capable of inspiring trust even without words.

Then there is his scent, that of the hero protecting us as children, of the adult we imitate as teenagers, of the wise person we consult as adults. A complex aroma, betwixt complicity and authority, capable of making its presence felt even when the horizon is desert as the islands of an archipelago. You do not see them, but they are there, close by.

Acqua dell’Elba’s Arcipelago Uomo Eau de Parfum is a perfume inspired by that sense of liberty only a father’s embrace may give. With notes of sage, pepper and rosemary, this essence evokes familiar memories, sun kissed afternoons with our bodies full of energy, ready to accept any challenge: let’s see who’s faster, let yourself go, I’ll hold you. It is our father calling us, the beacon, the helm, the knot fastening the rope of our courage.

The Arcipelago Uomo Eau de Parfum is a perfume that reveals its tenderness with lily of the valley and jasmine, as well as its strength with cedarwood and cypress, a trip across an “Arcipelago” of emotions as raw and as fascinating as the woods of the Mediterranean Maquis, layer upon layer taking the shape of what he always was for us, and what he always will be. A woodland caress, balanced and ancient, glancing our forehead as it guides us towards the hardest dream there is to dream: the person we shall become. Hand in hand with a plain yet unique man: the island that is always there for us.

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