Blu Donna: the Interior World Carries the Scent of the Sea

Blu Donna: the Interior World Carries the Scent of the Sea

A young woman who tries to decipher “Blu”, suspended between the sky and the depths of the ocean: the fig tree, helichrysum, and tangerine of the Eau de Parfum Blu Donna describe her elegance and intensity, her profound sensuality, her desire to be free.

Her freedom is her best friend since school times, when her classmates looked homogeneous and she did everything she could to stand out: a French basque hat, some high-waisted trousers, an irregularly tailored jacket. Her style has always been as original as her words, the fascination she uses to express herself. Personality is her most charismatic accessory, and independence is her style. ‘You’re just like a siren: spellbinding’, used to say her friends as she would blush, flattered. Today she enjoys spending long moments on the beach by herself, gazing at the horizon. She loves to swim, for hours. During those moments she likes to think about her parents and the days spent with them at the seaside.

The car’s interior smelled of figs and tangerines packed by her mother in a snack basket, and when they finally reached their parasol, the fragrance of jasmine – climbing over the wall of the seaside establishment – filled her nostrils like an enchantment. Her parents used to tell stories, sing songs: the art of expressing oneself and making oneself heard she definitely learned from them, and those moments of solitude in the water are her way to reconnect with her childhood memories.

The woman she is now – a fashion designer – is the result of that childhood in close contact with nature, and that interior world always accompanies her, it is her secret place. Azure, sky-blue, green, brown: the clothes she designs take inspiration from the beauty of the elements and always have an original, elegant cut, created for those who love to distinguish themselves with sensuality.

Inside of herself is the sea, the depths of somebody who knows what they want, seeking their own moments of relaxation and introspection just for the pleasure of giving themselves a gift. While she gazes upon the line of the horizon, she plays with washed-up wood on the beach: she grasps one to inhale its scent, so similar to that salty note that filled her hair when she came out of the sea after hours of water games. ‘That was a very long swim you took! You will become a fish like that!’, used to say her mother laughing, and maybe she was not entirely joking. That blue had turned her into a siren.

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