Blu Uomo: the Mystery that Hides an Interior World

Blu Uomo: the Mystery that Hides an Interior World

‘Time is a convention, a unit of measure giving shape to something that does not exist. We are the ones giving it meaning, and for me that meaning is every one of you.’

This is what his grandfather used to say every time he took out his watches, painstakingly collected throughout the years and conserved within a black leather box lined in blue. That box now belongs to him, only now it holds more than inestimable timepieces, they are memories, tactile emotions he enjoys caressing and pondering alone after dinner, relaxing in his study with a good jazz vinyl in the background as his only companion.

He inherited his passion for watches from the father of his father and then perfectioned it, specialising to the point of becoming an expert. Diving watches are his favourite – strictly the mechanic type – as they are capable of accompanying him in the depths of the sea when he goes on his diving excursions.

He glides among corals, getting lost amongst their dazzling colours, gazing eye to eye with multicoloured and luminous fish, just as the steel he wears on his wrist.

During those moments he truly feels free to reflect upon the passage of time, upon the intensity with which we manage to live our lives: how full of memories, how infinite any instant can be.

Then he returns towards the surface and the first thing he does is to check his timepiece, how much time he spent underwater and how much still separates him from his appointment with his friends, who usually wait for him in a restaurant by the beach to share a seafood lunch all together.

These are the moments he loves most, the social moments, feeling surrounded by people he has loved his whole life. That is time spent well, just as his grandfather would have said, given he always made sure to spend quality time with his family.

He likes to come out of his wetsuit calmly, detaching the oxygen tanks, taking his watch off before a fresh shower and dressing up with care, selecting a perfume based on citrussy and woody notes, capable of representing both of his souls, the brilliant, sensitive one that needs friends to feel alive, as well as the reflective, introspective one that seeks solitude and meditation, the refinement of a mechanism that needs attention in order to be fully understood.

Blu Uomo Eau de Parfum, with notes of tangerine and sea lily, is his fragrance, the one his friends recognise every time he takes his seat next to them, filling the space with his magnetic presence, the beacon of group perhaps united precisely through his stability, his profound conception of time and human relationships.

Oak moss and cedarwood underline his interior world, the sensitivity he demonstrates when he pays attention to everybody’s words, whilst the myrtle, marine rockrose and jasmine hint at his sweetness, the fragility of a man seeking solitude though is only truly happy when surrounded by the people he considers his most heartfelt affections.

His favourite watch features a blue quadrant, just like the lining of the box his grandfather bequeathed him, a deep hue reminiscent of the abyss, as well as shiny, unbreakable glass made of sapphire.

The greatest mystery – he thinks every time he looks at it – is hidden within durable things, within the ability of making them last beyond time. A deep blue sea, to be enjoyed “solo”, yet at the same time so overwhelmingly rich with lights and colours. 

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