Classica Donna: the Timeless Eau de Parfum Which Proclaims the Beauty of Life

Classica Donna: the Timeless Eau de Parfum Which Proclaims the Beauty of Life

A woman who loves elegance, refinement, and a discreet social life: her days are precious flowers, blooming among music, encounters, and walks in the open air. 

In the Classica Donna Eau de Parfum, the grace of marine rockrose and jasmine marry the zest of oranges and myrtle, so as to always be able to enjoy all of the good and the beautiful life has to offer. After all, this was what she learned from her father, that man with an open smile who used to collect ships in bottles, lined up on the shelf in his study. ‘Always seize the good and beautiful life has to offer, even in the most adverse situations’, he used to tell her. ‘A very windy day may be a problem indeed, but it is also very hard to set sail without any wind at all’. Every time she entered that room, she felt like she was setting foot into the secret belly of a sailing vessel, such was her father’s passion for the sailing style of décor.

With her two brothers, she often used to play with a brass bell hanging from the ceiling, of the type ordinarily used aboard ships to signal the crew. They felt like three mariners on an exploration, and perhaps they actually were. Hers is an adventurous heart indeed, grown up with the complicity that always bound the whole family, lovers of beautiful and silent things, of nature and its innate ability to surprise us, just as some women’s perfumes sometimes can.

The zest of citrus fruits, the elegance of gardenia and the sweetness of jasmine, with notes of marine rockrose to remind us that there is always an aquamarine horizon towards which we can set sail, because life is made of opportunities.
Classica Donna Eau de Parfum tells us the story of a woman who accepts her own beauty and does not want to change it, capable of being plain yet sophisticated, without any need for mendacity or ostentation, ever.

A teaching from her mother, the muse inspiring the whole crew, who used to pick up a bottle every time she entered the study, observing every detail on the ship, so meticulously reconstructed. ‘Such perfection. It really looks like one of those sailing vessels that are just bound to land on a fabulous island’, she would say. She had dreams in her eyes, her mother, and the hands of somebody who is capable of collecting them and delicately conveying them to others.

The woman behind the Classica Eau de Parfum recalls those hands and their grace, selecting a timeless fragrance, capable of being surprising and memorable, always using the right notes. A musical symphony that is never out of fashion, just like the truest and deepest connections that form the essence of life. 

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