Classica Uomo: Life Is A Pleasure To Be Enjoyed With Freedom

Classica Uomo: Life Is A Pleasure To Be Enjoyed With Freedom

A man who loves beauty and quality: this is the main protagonist of Classica Uomo Acqua dell’Elba, a fresh and marine fragrance with notes of lemon, moss and Mediterranean Maquis which evoke the island and its nature. Every he time he docks his vessel into a harbour, after all, the first thing he gazes upon is indeed the vegetation, the balance between sea and land, between green and blue, between the footprint of humanity and the uncontaminated wealth of nature.

The wilder the destination, the more he feels his journey was worth it; that his passion for sailing and the wind is the only certainty in his life. Of course, there are friends too, many and long-standing. And his family, built with the same woman he has loved for twenty years, who is as beautiful to him as the first day he met her. However, beyond affections and love, that is where his passion lies, in the emotion he feels as he takes to the open sea early in the morning, when the air is still cool, and the sea slightly shimmers in the wind. The sun is barely a hint on the horizon and there are no thoughts or words to greet him, only silence.

Once back on land, he likes to enjoy a moment of relaxation in a discreet venue, ideally facing the sea. He is still an attractive man, elegant without being ostentatious, with sunglasses always over his eyes to protect him from sunrays as well as prying glances. This is how he believes moments of peace should be enjoyed, with small rituals. An older lady walks by his table with her dog on the leash and he smiles, thinking it would be nice, sooner or later, to own one too. A Labrador, a great swimmer, the ideal friend for an excursion on a vessel. After all – this is his motto – you only live once.

Classica Uomo is a fragrance narrating the love for beauty and the pleasures of life, those to be enjoyed calmly, in solitude, as a present to oneself. Among our masculine perfumes, those who choose Classica Uomo by Acqua dell’Elba usually seek the citrussy zest in life, the lightly fresh side of every situation, without ostentation.

Like Posidonia, gracefully caressing the seabed without showing, following the flux of the waves, or like rosemary, delicately tickling our senses, without ever exaggerating. A man who always chooses the best for himself and who knows how to enjoy it, beyond fashions and time, classic and simple in his search for freedom.

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