Costa del Sole Home Fragrance Diffuser: Along the Pathway to Marvel

Costa del Sole Home Fragrance Diffuser: Along the Pathway to Marvel

This time of the year speaks to us with the voice of things long awaited and we follow it by engaging in bicycle excursions along the seashore, early morning runs on the beach, walks in the woods along a trail of helichrysum. Our search for happiness has the taste of discovery and the forehead glistening with pearls of sweat: our feet prance about, our hearts increase their beat and just beyond the rise, beyond the last curve, a view of the sea explodes with light, overcoming us in its glory.

This is the glimpse of paradise provided by the “Costa del Sole” Home fragrance diffuser, surrounded by ancient plants and emotions capable of refreshing our thoughts, amongst familiar essences of myrtle and rosemary, as lentiscus and marine rockrose evoke “elsewhere”, the sea further beyond, yet another voyage. An excursion which is at the same time a return to life, with open horizons facing the treasures of the Mediterranean, the same ones you may find in our flagship stores, carefully selected to guide your need for enchantment.

Available in the 200-, 500- and 2500-ml formats, Acqua dell’Elba’s Costa del Sole Home fragrance diffuser recalls the groove in the wood of a lentiscus tree, the suggestion of a prickly pear growing amongst the rocks, the perennial summer of Elba’s “Limonio”.

In this intimacy of primitive contact with nature, we are greeted by a glorious panorama at the end of a luxurious trail, reminding us of the power of beauty. This surprise, which is also a trace of the past, contains all of the essence of Acqua dell’Elba’s Costa del Sole, a fragrance defining the sweetest type of vertigo: marvel.

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