Essenza Donna: The Pure Heart of the Female Universe

Essenza Donna: The Pure Heart of the Female Universe

The essence of a woman is an intangible and secret treasure which goes beyond her aspect, her way of moving and talking. It resides in her gaze, in her perfume. The energy, the charisma, the ability of conveying complicity. A form of transparency which creates strong bonds and reaches the heart.

The essence of a woman touches the vital chords of a friendship, keeping them alive. It envelops a child in the mother’s embrace, so that it can grow. It seduces with the first love during a summer’s eve, leaving an unforgettable memory.

Acqua dell’Elba's Essenza Donna Eau de Parfum, with its notes of bergamot, orange, and sea lily, speaks of this magic, the female universe and everything it creates and pulls together. A vivacious, citrussy fragrance, though also delicate as a sea breeze can be. Scotch broom, jasmine, and magnolia describe the sweetness of earliest infancy, whilst orange blooms, lily of the valley, rose and pepper are the echoes of teenage freedom. Within notes of white moss and cedarwood, Acqua dell’Elba’s fragrance encloses the strength of these sensations, the need for every woman to feel authentic, close to others yet still independent.

Hints of amber, woods, and resins of the Mediterranean Maquis express the spontaneousness you may only breathe in certain seaside locations, coffers full of marvels communicating by binding us to the purest emotions. Introspection, research, essence. The essence of a woman: mother of nature, friend, first love, forever true to herself.

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