Essenza Uomo: The Desire to Live Life in a Sincere Way

Essenza Uomo: The Desire to Live Life in a Sincere Way

Symbols of beauty and health, lemon, bergamot, and grapefruit have been depicted for millennia on walls and ceramics as messages of goodwill and welcome, as beacons of a circle of life that carries the colours and the strength of the sun.

These three scented citrus fruits form the basis for Acqua dell’Elba’s “Essenza Uomo” Eau de Parfum, a fragrance which develops the wearer’s character through drops of freshness and vitality.

Essenza Uomo is a citrussy perfume, narrating the lust for life and the reliability of a lifelong companion, of a father or of a friend able to stand by your side just with a smile, because one gaze is enough to communicate complicity. Marine rockrose and sage evoke the relationship with the sea and the land, so fundamental for this man who seeks true things and sincerity, even at the cost of exposing himself: notes of jasmine and violet describe his sweetest and delicate side, while those of geranium and pepper express his spontaneous, rural soul.

Within Essenza he finds himself without any need for pursuit or imitation, charged with a positivity and an energy which is his greatest resource. Within marine algae and the woods of oak, cedar, lentiscus, and strawberry trees hides his most secret core, the appeal of a listener, someone as stable and ancient as a centuries-old tree, wise and light as wood lulled by the waves. He is a man who comes back, who stays, who loves and is loved back, with a lust for life and for always being present, in the most simple and essential way.

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