Fiori Home Fragrance Diffuser: The Magic of a New Beginning

Fiori Home Fragrance Diffuser: The Magic of a New Beginning

When the spring equinox comes, the sun embraces the earth in order to awaken it. With the warmth of its light, blossoms salute the sky, naked trees begin to clothe themselves, seeds become gems: nature’s dance renovates itself, with shiny leaves and strong branches shaking in the wind.

Our gaze is filled with marvel and our mind with new objectives, our thoughts open up and set sail for the horizon. This is the floral wave behind Acqua dell’Elba’s “Fiori” Home fragrance diffuser, capable of driving us towards change with its notes of Scotch broom and myrtle, sweetening our exit from the harshness of winter with jasmine and helichrysum.

An essence of sea breeze and awakenings, with hints of rockrose supporting our dreams of freedom and woods of the Mediterranean Maquis inviting us to refreshen ourselves. 

Available in the 200, 500 and 2500 ml formats, Acqua dell’Elba’s “Fiori” Home fragrance diffuser may be customised with an engraving on the glass, underneath the label, perhaps with a sentence reminding us and those who surround us that after every winter comes spring, that beauty paves its own way silently, that life has a wonderful essence even if we close our eyes. 

Just like blossoms appearing amongst rocky outcrops between the waves, Acqua dell’Elba’s “Fiori” Home fragrance diffusers narrate the magic of new beginnings: delicate, almost invisible, always surprising. The essence of rebirth. 

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