Isola di Montecristo Home Fragrance Diffuser: The Treasure Inside Each of Us

Isola di Montecristo Home Fragrance Diffuser: The Treasure Inside Each of Us

Silence, mystery and fascination: when we think of a place to hide to find ourselves, this is what we seek, and it is no mere coincidence that we are often seduced by islands, especially if wild and remote.

Exclusively inhabited by its caretakers and only open to a thousand visitors a year, the island of Montecristo is the most mysterious of Tuscan isles, so fascinating its appeal that it inspired Alexandre Dumas’ masterpiece, the novel “The Count of Montecristo”.

Within the mystery of its vegetation, the main character finds a hidden treasure, though this is but a legend. The real treasure of the island is to be found in its wealth of biodiversity, in its beauty and in its essences, the same ones evoked by our “Isola di Montecristo” Home fragrance diffuser.

Its woody fragrance, with notes of juniper, cypress and iris, recalls all of the magic and seduction of this pearl of the Tuscan Archipelago, amongst wild scents of woods and resins of the Mediterranean Maquis blending with hints of jasmine and rose. The notes of tobacco and leather recount the story of the Montecristo cigar, named as such because Dumas’ novel was read to Cuban “torcedores” as they were producing them.

Available in various formats – from 200 to 2500 ml – the “Isola di Montecristo” Home fragrance diffuser by Acqua dell’Elba takes us by hand, accompanying us on a journey of discovery around the island that is within each of us, among the exotic fascination of a world as mysterious, legendary and timeless as the world of Tuscan tradition.

Hints of incense and berries of the Strawberry tree, intimacy and the relationship with nature, the elsewhere as well as the here and now. Simple yet complex, as the stories told in great novels. 

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