Mare Home Fragrance Diffuser: As Timeless As the Need for Freedom

Mare Home Fragrance Diffuser: As Timeless As the Need for Freedom

There are still some weeks to go before summer is here, but the arrival of the warm season already fills our days with memories and desires. Every window becomes a horizon, every door a secret gate. So why not bring the sea home, to anticipate the summer?

Acqua dell’Elba’s “Mare” Home fragrance diffuser, with notes of lemon and rosemary, is a fresh breeze traversing the rooms of our house and of our imagination, bringing us back to that beach we left behind, or that holiday we enjoyed years ago, when our heads were free, and our hearts were full. An emotional leap towards the past which is at the same time a trip in the future, amongst moments of peace still to be enjoyed on the beach, kissed by the sun, within the secrecy of an island. The fragrances of sea lily and marine algae provide the freshness of a walk along the shoreline, feet in the sand, stimulated by the morning sunshine.

The marine rockrose resonates with our wild soul, the woods of the Mediterranean Maquis remind us of diving and swimming in fresh waters. With just a few aromatic drops, Acqua dell’Elba’s “Mare” Home fragrance diffusers are capable of releasing the pleasure of the sea’s essence with marine notes which evoke memories and create a sensation of wellbeing.

Available in the 200, 500, 1000 and 2500 ml formatsAcqua dell’Elba’s “Mare” Home fragrance diffuser is a time machine capable of evoking unknown stories, emotions still to be experienced, conserving the magic of everything we already know about the sea: its extraordinary ability to bring us back to life, rebirth us anew, gently rocked by a standstill motion which will never end, timeless just as our need for liberty is. 

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