Sea Essence International Festival, the Essence of the Sea Is Our Future

Sea Essence International Festival, the Essence of the Sea Is Our Future

With its power, its beauty and its past, charged with the stories of humanity and of all our remembrances, gatekeeper of huge historical events as well of instants of the greatest intimacy, of immensity and of the invisible, capable of giving to each the same space and the same imprint, the sea is mother and father to all of us, a crib of civilisations and memories. 

There is no other natural element comparable to the sea, neither by its dimension, nor by its ability to embrace every single facet of human life, penetrating the imaginary, provoking emotions, inviting discoveries, stimulating relaxation. Every aspect of the sea is complex, just as we are with our own lives.

To celebrate such an intense and indissoluble bound, the Sea Essence International festival (SEIF) was held from July 8-10. It is the first international festival dedicated to the safeguard and development of the sea and its essence, promoted by the Acqua dell’Elba Foundation. The festival saw the ancient fishing hamlet of Marciana Marina be overcome by cinema, theatre, music, debates around current topics, encounters with intellectuals, artists, politicians: all invited to reflect upon Future Landscapes – Transitions and New Landscapes; upon the perspectives of an imminent tomorrow which impels us all to contribute in order to safeguard and develop the environment, its biodiversity, its beauty and its history, starting precisely from that azure expanse which is the essence of all of us human beings: the sea.  Three days of exchanges to imagine together a future which is respectful of the environment, whilst trying to protect and improve the present. 

The festival will began on Friday the 8th of July, launched by a workshop on “Transitions and New Landscapes” which will ask its participants to reflect upon which landscapes will characterise our world in the near future. The first evening was dedicated to the seventh art, with the presentation of “Beyond”, a video by Andrea Capobianco created in collaboration with IULM University which raises questions about cinema in the future and its ability to help us “visualise” and “focus” on our tomorrow. 

On Saturday the 9th of July, the day opened with a workshop for kids organised by Legambiente Arcipelago Toscano, taking place around games and educational activities, because it is only by raising awareness amongst the new generations that we will be able to protect our environment. In the afternoon, the workshop “Future Societies” will focus on which kinds of societies we can imagine for a sustainable future, followed in the evening by a theatrical spectacle – “One Wise Little Girl. Gianni Rodari and Female Characters as Paragons” – which will offer an anti-conventional representation of the relationships between men and women, in perfect syntony with Acqua dell’Elba’s constant commitment in support of female empowerment.

On Sunday the 10th of July, the day launched with a new workshop for kids in collaboration with Legambiente – Tuscan Archipelago section, followed in the afternoon by the inauguration of the art exhibition “Future Passages” at the Telemaco Signorini Exhibition Room in Portoferraio, featuring 20 young talents of the Brera Arts Academy. The three-day event dedicated to the development and protection of the beauty of the sea and its essence will conclude with a concert of the Gaudats Junk Band, a group who plays with self-built instruments to demonstrate how it is possible to make excellent music using exclusively recycled materials.  Because nothing is created or destroyed, but everything can be transformed, by betting on culture.

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