Smeraldo: The Jewel that Shines from Within

Smeraldo: The Jewel that Shines from Within

A white flower, gardenia, which releases an intense yet velvety perfume. As well as another, magnolia, which recalls purity and candour. In the middle, the herby sweetness of marine rockrose, a shrub carrying the scent of sea cliffs and freedom.

The woman of the Smeraldo Eau de Parfum has in her eyes the transparency of those who are acquainted with balance; in her body and movements, the certainty of people who live outside preconceived schemes. She has a past as a dancer, her great passion as a kid and teenager: girls her same age would chase after each other, tug at each other, fall down on the floor.

She loved to balance on her tiptoes, uplifting herself to the sky as a compass, seeing eye to eye with perfection, if only for an instant. Her mother used to tell her that when she danced, she came close to God, and that image accompanied her every time she tied her dancing shoes, encouraging her as a warm wish of serenity. Then she grew up, she discovered books, cinema, entertainment. Kusturica, Allende, the world in which she lives today is full of wonderful imaginary characters, her life rich with moments of introspection as well as of times with friends, of evenings spent talking about movies, songs, clothes.

From her dancing days she conserves her interior discipline, the attitude to seek balance when everything around you is rocking and rolling. Cinema and music have taught her that it is possible to live outside of preconceived schemes even in the absence of outright rebellion, returning that peace to her that come close to spirituality. Her wardrobe contains a leather handbag and a white gold bracelet, a linen dress, and a pair of flat-soled sandals; her beauty case does not contain much make-up, because she likes to appear as she is. A jewel of the sea kissed by the wind, that shines from within.

Her skin is perfumed with the “Smeraldo Donna” Eau de Parfum, as smooth and translucent as silk, recounting the plain elegance of those who know love, yet are also happy to be alone. Fresh as notes of cedar and tangerine, sensual and seductive as boxwood and juniper, an emerald glowing with style and refinement, in its thousand reflexes of the sea. 

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