Sport: The Fragrance of a Love Fueled by Freedom

Sport: The Fragrance of a Love Fueled by Freedom

We had a dream: take a sailing course together and turn our passion for the sea into something more than a holiday. Into a sport.

They shared every aspect of that love for the sea and the sun: trips to wonderful islands, evenings walking barefoot on the beach. This is how their relationship was born, driven by a form of dynamism that is their glue, so now they are ready for a new adventure: sailing away on a vessel, challenging the wind and currents, lulled and rocked by one and all.

Accomplices as well as travel mates, they experience their relationship with the intensity of people who need to be free in order to love and be loved. Sometimes they raised their sails in favour of the wind, sometimes against, though always intent on proceeding together.

Sport Eau de Parfum is a fragrance with notes of lemon, bergamot, and pepper, capable of best expressing their lust for life, enjoying every ray of sun, making the most of every gust of wind, raising to every challenge.

A perfume with vivacious notes, suitable for both men and women, fresh as a relationship that does not need many words as it is based on gestures and emotions, as elegant and strong as a sailing knot. Jasmine, lily of the valley and geranium also speak of tenderness, the intimacy of coming back home after a day spent outside and finding relaxation in one’s partner.

The sea lily is the soul of this bond, bloomed once during a summer’s eve; sage, cedarwood and strawberry tree reveal the secret of a sentiment never boasted, that never ceases to amaze, hidden amongst the unique fragrances of the Mediterranean Maquis.

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