The Scent of Love: Valentine's Day with Acqua dell'Elba

The Scent of Love: Valentine's Day with Acqua dell'Elba

Falling in love means many things: to discover oneself, to let go, to embrace vertigo. Feeling overwhelmed by some sort of magic which resonates with the most secret part within ourselves, just as it happens with perfumes. This is what turns a fragrance into such a precious and symbolic gift, especially on the day which is dedicated to love.

Floral, with notes of orange, myrtle, gardenia and jasmine, the Classica Donna Eau de Parfum evokes the sea, exalted by hints of marine rockrose and woods of the Mediterranean Maquis.

Fresher, with notes of lemon, rosemary and marine algae, the Classica Uomo Eau de Parfum recalls the uniqueness of Isola d’Elba.  

Two complementary fragrances, a metaphor of the intimacy which can unite two hearts.

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