Essenza di'un Isola Collection

A trio of artisan-made boutique fragrances each inspired by a different island: the island of Elba, the island of Pianosa and the island of Montecristo. Places that differ but that have similar environmental, historical and cultural roots in common.

For All


An isolated cove. All around, nothing except the sea, the sun and that light sea breeze that carries delicate notes of sea salt. Inside us, our hearts, our lives, our journey.

This universally appealing fragrance combines the crisp scents of citrus, sand and the sea to create the ultimate fragrance for men and women, inspired by our very own island of Elba.

For Her


A refined treasure chest that gracefully liberates her secrets of style and sophistication.

A floral-facing, dream fragrance with notes of citrus, bergamot and juniper, this scent is as memorable as Pianosa, the Tuscan island that inspired it.

For Him


Here, in Altrove, the strength of a man is born. Out of time and beyond fashion, in a journey to rediscover the nature of the self.

A woody masculine scent that connotes the same sense of intrigue and history as Montecristo, the storied island that inspired this mysterious scent.

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Discovery Box: Essenza di un'Isola
Discovery Box: Essenza di un'Isola
Discovery Box: Essenza di un'Isola
Discovery Box: Essenza di un'Isola

Discovery Box: Essenza di un'Isola

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Three fragrance vials packaged in a handcrafted box with our signature aquamarine color. These fragrances - Acqua, Altrove and Smeraldo - make up our Essenza di'un Isola Collection.

Essenza di un'Isola Trio Gift Set

A multi-sensory journey on the sea to find inspiration from the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago including Elba, Pianosa and Montecristo.