Home Fragrances Inspired by the Sea

Inspired by the scents of the sea, this family of home fragrances conjures up memories of your favorite beach vacation where the sea breeze smells of salt, sea algae and the crisp Mediterranean air.


There is nothing like the crisp, fresh
smell of an early morning swim in the
Mediterranean. Mare, meaning the
Sea, captures the beautiful smell of the marine wind and lemony citrus that fill the air in Elba.

Brezza di Mare

A Brezza di Mare (sea breeze in Italian) and the quiet calm you feel when all you see is the water in front of you – this is the harmony captured in this fresh fragrance that fills a room with notes of anthemis, marine algae and jasmine.

Isola d'Elba

A marine harmony created with the notes of citrus, scent of salt, marine algae, myrtle, cedar woods, cane apple and mastic tree woods.

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Discovery Box: 'Sea' Home Fragrances

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Three home fragrance sample vials packaged in a handcrafted box with our signature aquamarine color. These fragrances - Mare, Isola d'Elba and Brezza di Mare are inspired by the essences of the sea that surrounds our island home.