Keep alive the vivid memories of a visit to Isola d'Elba and the islands of Tuscany with our extensive collection of home fragrances. Created in 12 unique scents inspired by the different smells, sites and secret discoveries throughout the island.

Inspired by the Sea


Mare, meaning the Sea, captures the freshness of a morning swim and beautiful smell of the marine wind and lemony citrus that fills the air on Elba.

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Brezza di Mare

Brezza di Mare (sea breeze in Italian) captures a fresh harmony with notes of anthemis, marine algae and jasmine.

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Isola d'Elba

A marine harmony created with the notes of citrus, scent of salt, marine algae, myrtle, cedar woods, cane apple and mastic tree woods.

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Inspired by Citrus

Limonaia di Sant'Andrea

Sant’Andrea is the home of Limonaia, a conservatory of lemon trees. The bright citrus scent combines with notes of basil and cedar wood.

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Casa dei Mandarini

Casa dei Mandarini means “the house of mandarins" and it envelopes your senses and fills the air with scents of cistus, jasmine and olive wood.

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Giardino degli Aranci

This is the beauty of Giardino degli Aranci – a fragrance that captures the scents of these magical citrus gardens filled with oranges, myrtle and jasmine.

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Inspired by Wildflowers


Fiori captures the floral harmony of broom, myrtle, and jasmine that line the hills of the coastal countryside as they mingle with a salty breeze.

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Giglio delle Sabbie

Giglio delle Sabbie captures the scent of a summer evening on the beach filled with notes of sand daffodil, freesia, gardenia and lily-of-the-valley.

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Profumi del Monte Capanne

Monte Capanne is the high
mountain on Elba with cornflower, honeysuckle and violets for a fragrance as unusual as the mountain itself.

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Inspired by Spice

Note di Natale

Note di Natale tenderly captures rich notes of orange, jasmine, cinnamon, and walnut in a celebration of joy, love and living.

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Isola di Montecristo

Isola di Montecristo is a woody fragrance lures you with notes as soft as juniper and rose and as intense as leather and tobacco.

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Costa del Sole

Literally translated to the “sun coast,” Costa del Sole's hillside trails and gentle slopes are lined with prickly pears and lentiscus.

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