Our Artisan Workshop Values

Marciana Marina, an ancient coastal hamlet on Isola d’Elba. This is where our laboratories and our headquarters are located. This is where our idea was born, based on the values of culture and tradition, artisanal innovation and sensitivity, which are typical of Tuscany.

Acqua dell’Elba’s laboratories have always been driven by the pursuit of excellence: because of the high quality of the raw materials and the accurate craftsmanship inspired by the centuries-old tradition of the Tuscan Renaissance workshop.


Acqua dell’Elba represents something unique: the beauty of the insular environment of the Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago Toscano (The National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago), an enchantment created by the landscape, art, culture, and simple lifestyle conducted in close contact with nature.


As authentic as the sea surrounding us, next to which we were born and raised. Genuine ambassadors of its poetry and its magic, which we live every day during the course of our work. What we create is perfect for people who love simplicity, transparency, and beauty.


An artisanal workshop of the third millennium, synthesis of the harmony between nature and craftsmanship which has historically characterised Tuscany since the Renaissance.

This is how we work every day, in the continuous pursuit of new ideas, innovating within tradition.


We constantly develop new research and concentrate on a limited production, due to the difficulty of sourcing and selecting raw materials, as well as because of the necessary lengthiness involved in our production processes.

Each artefact is the result of a creative journey. All work is executed and controlled by our artisans themselves, through processes based on manual know-how and accuracy.